11 - 12 September


We at Indiska are hosting our first-ever digital hackathon on the 11th -12th of September. We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to join the challenge – nerds, programmers, designers, business developers, dreamers , all are welcome!

Come join us online for 24 hours of innovation and showcase your ideas that will change the retail industry! Indiska’s vision is to be at the forefront of technology within fashion and interior retail, this is an opportunity to join the journey.


Multi-function & smart store – Think beyond regular retail, whether online channel or a physical store, how can we create more than just a shopping experience by leveraging smarter solutions?

Sustainable solutions – Solutions that are long-lasting with a positive environmental impact that ties together with Indiska’s sustainable initiatives

Growth hacking – Create solutions with the right strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers

Sustainable design – Create a print that defines Indiska, a sustainable print we could re-use in our designs for the next 100 years

Stay tuned for more thorough information in regards to the different challenges you can choose between! We will send out all the challenges aproximately 24 hours before the start of the hackathon.

Applications like EPI, Azure, InRiver, Sitoo, Voyado, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Medius Invoice Flow and Zendesk power our solutions, these applications could be an underlying component in your technical innovations. In addition Artificial Intelligence is a growing component of our daily lives and would be great if it’s factored into the solutions. Please note that solutions are not limited to IT-solutions. The challenges will be constructed so that a wide variety of solutions will be possible.


Note:  All times are written in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

11th of September

16.00 – Welcome Note from Karin our CEO & Introduction to Hackathon
16.30– Keynote Speaker Jonas Larsson - "The ideal factory"
17.00 – Keynote Speaker Jens Levin - Embrace the Digitalization of Brick and Mortar
18.00 – Teams meet up and formally begin hacking!
24.00– Try to get some sleep, even though you have ten redbull’s in your system.

12th of September

8.00 – Hack Hack Hack!
11.00 – Progress updates
12.00 – Hack Hack Hack Hack
16.00 – Teams brainstorm & practice before pitch
18.00 - Turn in deadline

Winner announcement
14th of September @ 20:00 CEST


Grand Prize (Value 12500 SEK)
INTERNSHIP at Indiska/Hang out with our CEO, Airpods and Amazon gift card.

Runner up (Value 7500 SEK)
Airpods and Amazon gift card. 

All participants with a swedish address will recieve a goodie bag after the event with an estimated value of 450 SEK

Keynote Speakers

Jonas Larsson
Researcher at Swedish School of Textiles

"The Ideal Factory"

As of today we have the opportunity to create a textile value chain that are sustainable and maybe even regenerative by its own operations. But to reach the goal we still have work to do.

Jonas will speak about how we - the fashion industry - can be the beacon for a clean, just and thriving circular economy that transcends the ideas of what is sustainable in the apparel and textile industry and start to nudge positive impact on the planetary boundaries.

Jonas Larsson

Jonas Larsson is a researcher at the Swedish School of Textiles with focus on creating sustainable and regenerative systems in the field of textiles and fashion. Jonas is passionate about creating the best possible textile value chains for the planet and all its inhabitants.

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Jens Levin
CEO - Sitoo

Embrace the Digitalization of Brick and Mortar

The popular opinion that retail stores are dying is wrong. Stores are far from dead. They are in a digital transformation. Sitoo's CEO and co-founder, Jens Levin, will show you how the challenge for all retailers is to embrace this digitalization and meet our new ways of shopping. With a single real-time view of inventory, product information and orders - Sitoo turns Unified Commerce into a reality and every store becomes a fulfillment center, ultimately resulting in an unmatched customer experience.

Jens Levin

Jens Levin is the CEO and co-founder of Sitoo, the cutting-edge cloud based mPOS system for global retailers. Jens is passionate about helping retailers around the world revitalize the role of brick and mortar.

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Karin Lindahl
CEO - Indiska

Introduction to Hackathon

Introduction to Hackathon by Indiska and the vision behind hosting our first retail hackathon, she will also briefly talk about initiatives by Indiska during challenging times for the retail industry.

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What is it? A hackathon is an event where people of different backgrounds collaborate to problem solve on specific topics. A hackathon is a platform to innovate, learn and create something new.

When? 11th -12th of September

Where? Online!

How long? 24 hours

Who can join? Anyone! Team size of 2-5 people

Why should we hack? To create something new!

What should we produce? A workable or demo-able solution should be presented in the final pitch.

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